Hydrogen Infrastructure Appointment

Hydrogen Infrastructure Appointment Apply Today! *Applications reviewed on a rolling basis. Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education is currently accepting applications for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Science, Technology and Policy (STP) Program Fuel Cells Technologies Office (FCTO). What will I be doing? You  will learn […]

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PhD Project Development of novel dynamic wastewater assimilative model for climate change adaptation

Project Description  Ireland’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy highlights the urgent need to develop action plans for various sectors including the wastewater treatment facilities. The adaptation plans for this sub-sector must utilise the existing untapped potentials within the urban wastewater treatment system including the available capacity of the receiving water bodies to assimilate/dilute the effluent discharges. […]

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PhD Project Combined Influences of Electric Fields and Wettability on Contact Line Evaporation of a Sessile Droplet in Microgravity for Novel Space and Ground Applications

Project Description Droplet evaporation is of significant scientific and engineering interest. It represents a common natural phenomenon that is not fully understood yet is used in many industrial fields, ranging from DNA mapping, ink-jet printing, surface patterning to evaporative spray cooling. Heat and mass transfer near the triple contact line region of an evaporating droplet […]

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Homeland Security Professional Opportunities for student Workforce to Experience Research (HS-POWER)

Description Are you a student looking for a professional opportunity to enhance your research interests and career goals in homeland security related areas? Do you want to learn from top scientists and subject matter experts in homeland security related areas? Do you want to network with your peers and members of the academic and scientific communities […]

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NSF Data Analysis and Statistics Internships

*Open until filled. The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education is currently accepting applications for full and part-time internships with the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES). What will I be doing? You will be involved in a variety of interesting and original activities. You will learn and […]

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Software Licensing Specialist

The Procurement Specialist will have two main responsibilities: reviewing and negotiating software license agreements (SLAs) and acting as the primary liaison between the Purchasing Services Department and an assigned set of University departments /customers.               Responsibilities include:         – Working closely with the Office of University Counsel and Computing […]

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Computational Biologist/Web Developer

The University of Pittsburgh’s Drug Discovery Institute (UPDDI) is developing and implementing a web-based Microphysiology database (MPS-Db) for the capture and analysis of data from various microphysiological organ models as part of the Tissue-Chip-Testing-Center program sponsored by NCATS. The requirements for the database include aggregation, analysis, and management of MPS data; integration of MPS data […]

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System-of-Systems Engineer (Experienced)

We are seeking a Systems Engineer, specifically, a System-of-Systems (SoS) Engineer, to join a team of scientists, engineers, and technologists contributing to the safe and efficient realization of scientific objectives on the Z Machine. While opportunities to engage in myriad problems across Center 01600 exist, the principal focus of the selected individual will be the […]

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Cyber Security Research Scientist

The United States Army Research Laboratory offers unique opportunities for fundamental research in the science of cyber security. The laboratory provides access to massive amounts of rarely seen live data, and the ability to quickly test and transition research results into operational practice. Extensive research collaboration alliances with major universities and outstanding international ties add […]

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Ethics Education in Engineering

  Engineers Ireland Accreditation Criteria for Level 8 engineering programmes require that graduates have  an: “An understanding of the need for high ethical standards in the practice of engineering, including the responsibilities of the engineering profession towards people and the environment”. While a large number of programmes have been deemed to have met this criteria […]

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