PhD Project: Development of Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Sensors for Rapid Detection of Organic Contaminants in Water

Many organic contaminants of emerging concern arising from pharmaceutical waste or from human or animal sources have been identified in Irish waters. Electrochemical sensors offer an attractive alternative to conventional analytical techniques for their detection, but they generally lack the ability to detect extremely low contaminant concentrations and the ability to discriminate between similar chemical […]

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PhD Project: Computational models of mental workload with deep learning and symbolic reasoning

The project will focus on multi-disciplinary research in the area of Mental Workload (MWL) modelling. It will lead to a major understanding of the construct of mental workload (fundamental breakthrough). It will provide human-centred designers with an interpretable and explainable model of MWL for real-time prediction of task performance, a revolutionary contribution to the field […]

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PhD Project: Health, Environmental and Economic Impact of Diets in Ireland

The HEED Project aims to identify and quantify the health, environmental and economic impact of current diets in Ireland with the objective of making key recommendations to encourage consumers to adopt healthier and more environmentally sustainable diets. Current dietary habits of Irish population will be mapped, and scenario analyses undertaken via a mixed methods approach […]

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PhD Project: A computational approach towards the understanding of the diffusion of nanoparticles in biological fluids

Nanoparticles (NPs) have been proposed for a variety of medical applications, such as vehicles for specific targeted drug delivery or probes for advance diagnostic techniques. These applications rely on the ability of NPs to reach precise structures within a living organism. As living cells are filled with a polydisperse mixture of biomolecules suspended in water […]

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PhD Project: Institutionalised Inhumanity: Direct Provision and the threshold of inhuman treatment

Direct provision is the system through which the State meets the basic needs of asylum-seekers in Ireland. For almost 20 years, direct provision existed on a non-statutory basis, prompting remarkably few cases before the Irish Courts of Law. It was not until 2014 that a mother and son brought a compelling challenge against the system, […]

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PhD Project: Developing gold nanoparticles based strip test for mycotoxin detection

Mycotoxins are poisonous carcinogens and mutagens to both humans and animals produced by fungi. This project aims to develop a immunochemgraph strip (ICST) of mycotoxins that can detect food contaminants. The assay contains an ICST, a smart phone APP and a data analysis system. The testing strip is observable by naked eyes. After adding some […]

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Senior Scientific Writer – GTC

Overview GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION: Under the general direction of the Chair, Program Direction or designee, the Senior Scientific Writer is responsible for collaborating with faculty, Departments of Communications and Development to promote internal and external communications to a wide range of constituents and assist in the development of grant proposals, scientific communications and publications. […]

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Post Graduate Opportunity – Federal Energy Management Program

How to Apply Apply today at!  With more than 350,000 energy utilizing buildings and 600,000 vehicles, the federal government is the nation’s largest energy consumer. To support the resiliency and cybersecurity mission of the federal government, which relies heavily on energy and water infrastructure, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) supports federal agencies (including Park Service, […]

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Opportunity in Machine Learning and Data Science for Buildings

How to Apply   Apply today at!  A complete application consists of: An application Transcript(s) – For this opportunity, an unofficial transcript or copy of the student academic records printed by the applicant or by academic advisors from internal institution systems may be submitted. Selected candidate may be required to provide proof of completion […]

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Opportunity in Electrification Technology Development

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Science, Technology and Policy (STP) Program is designed to provide opportunities for students, postgraduates, established scientists and faculty to participate in programs, projects, and activities that support the mission of the EERE. Participants will hold appointments at DOE-EERE Headquarters, EERE field offices, and other EERE-approved sites. Participants will receive […]

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Research Associate I

Overview GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION: Under the direction of the Principal Investigator or designee, the Research Associate I performs a variety of complex research experiments.   The Landers Lab ( has an ongoing project investigating the common mechanisms involved in ALS neurodegeneration to identify universal therapeutic targets capable of blocking the disease progression of all […]

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Research Lab Coord Ophthalmolo

Overview POSITION SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Principal Investigator or designee, the Research Lab Coordinator is responsible for specified clinical and lab research activities in the Macular Degeneration Center of Excellence ResponsibilitiesESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Responsible for overall operations of the lab, freezers Maintain the lab and order tanks, freezers, tubes, and other supplies as needed […]

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Research Coordinator I

Overview GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION: Under the direction of the Principal Investigator or designee, the Research Coordinator I is responsible for carrying out multiple complex research protocols.   Lifeline4Moms helps organizations and agencies to develop, implement, evaluate, and sustain approaches for addressing mental health and substance use disorders. Our team is comprised of academic and […]

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DHS Summer Research Team Program for Minority Serving Institutions – Faculty

Now accepting applications for:  U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 2018 Summer Research Team Program for Minority Serving Institutions   The purpose of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Summer Research Team (SRT) Program is to increase and enhance the scientific leadership at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) in research areas that support the mission and […]

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Specialist, Research Data

  GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION:   A Research Data Specialist Level position as a Bioinformatics Scientist is open in the Department of Neurology at UMass Medical School. The candidate will be expected to participate in efforts towards the discovery of novel genetic factors contributing to ALS and Parkinson’s disease. The position will be based in […]

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Harry S. Truman Fellowship

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Harry S. Truman Fellowship (in National Security Science and Engineering). The Truman Fellowship is Sandia National Laboratories’ most prestigious post-doctoral fellowship with about two recipients each year. The Truman Fellowship provides the opportunity for recipients to pursue independent, ground-breaking research, based on a research proposal developed by […]

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Senior Laboratory Specialist

The Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Pittsburgh is seeking a qualified Senior Laboratory Specialist. The Senior Laboratory Specialist will be responsible for overseeing research projects, personnel involved in the projects, budgetary discretion related to research projects, and management of a complex stream of laboratory supplies crucial to the progress of integrated projects. […]

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Fully funded PhD Project – RevealIO – Visual Analytics and IOT

Fully Funded PhD Project: “RevealIO – Visual Analytics and IOT” For more information and to apply go to available PhD projects under the School of Computing at… APPLICATIONS CAN ONLY BE ACCEPTED ONLINE AT THE ABOVE LINK What is funded  The connect centre are funding one full time PhD student to investigate visual analytics applied […]

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Vice President, Research

  Vice President, Research Job ID: JLW20172701-14330 Description: The College Board seeks a Vice President of Research who will lead a team of approximately 20 researchers in developing and deploying evidence to improve student outcomes in life-changing ways. The College Board has a long-standing commitment to using evidence to strengthen its programs and improve public […]

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PrinciPAL, harnessing the potential of plasma activated liquids for bio-medical applications

PhD Project opportunity: The exposure of aqueous solutions to non-thermal plasmas results in the generation of relatively long-lived secondary reactive species which are biologically active and have demonstrated anti-microbial and cytotoxic activity. These solutions are of interest for decontamination of surfaces, wounds and food products while providing the advantages of off-site production, storability and ease […]

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Research Associate I

GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION: Under the direction of the Principal Investigator or designee, the Research Associate I performs a variety of complex research experiments.     MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform complex laboratory experiments Conduct in-depth analysis of research experiments Interpret data, form conclusions, and decide on and plan the next experiments to be done with a […]

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Post Doctoral Associate – Gene Therapy Center 28265

UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SCHOOL The University of Massachusetts Medical School, one of the fastest growing academic health centers in the country, has built a reputation as a world-class research institution, consistently producing noteworthy advances in clinical and basic research. As a research institution, UMMS attracts nearly $300 million annually in funding from government agencies, […]

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Research Lab Tech I

GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION:   A position as Lab Technician is open in the Department of Neurology, University of Massachusetts Medical School. The candidate must have a Bachelor of Science degree with life science Major such as Biology and Chemistry.   The candidate is expected to perform the following: maintain and manage a mouse colony […]

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Research Associate – Surgery

GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION: Under the direction of the Principal Investigator or Designee, the Research Associate performs a variety of complex research experiments. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Conducts in-depth analysis of research experiments Performs complex laboratory experiments Interprets data, forms conclusion, and decides on and plans next experiments to be done with a high degree of independence […]

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