DIAMOND: Revealing and modelling key factors for fairness and safety of women’s usage of public transport services

Technological University Dublin

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  • TU Dublin City Campus, Cathal Brugha Street
    Technological University Dublin
    Mar 6, 2019

Supervisor names & contact details:

Aoife Donnelly

Lorraine D’Arcy

Victor Hrymak

Research Centre Name and Website (if applicable)

School of Environmental Health,

School of civil engineering

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Funding Arrangements

✓ Fully Funded (DIAMOND)


Funding Agency

Horizon 2020

Funding Details

Student Stipend                  € 16,000 p.a

Materials/ Travel etc         € 2,000 p.a

Fees                                      € covered

Subject Area (max 2 keywords)

Women, transport

Title of the Project

DIAMOND: Revealing and modelling key factors for fairness and safety of women’s usage of public transport services

Project Description (max 300 words)

To our knowledge, there are no current transport systems that sufficiently take into account physical and social characterisics of women in the design of  products and services, and in fostering  women’s employability in the industry. So this PhD is to structure a task within a EU funded project called DIAMOND aimed at  turing data into actionable knowledge with notions of fairness, in order to progress towards an inclusive and efficient transport system. Building on the lack of fit model (Heilman, 2001) and other theories, the Phd project will seek to provide a novel explanation for why women are underrepresented in the transport sector through technologies such as data mining and analytics, together with the use of elicitation techniques to gather and analyse information from different stakeholders. DIAMOND will exploit such technological advances and innovations, to (i) analyse real-world scenarios where these open issues exist, and (ii) take concrete action, to create a fair and inclusive transport system. Thus, from the lack of fit perspective and within the DIAMOND framework, the main aim of the research is to provide a novel explanation for women’s key factors, needs and barriers faced by potential female users in surface transport sector.

Please indicate the student requirements for this project

Min Requirement: 2.1 BSc/BA in Transport Engineering or related subject, alternatively Psychology or Science related degree (Hons)

Desirable: MSc in Transport Engineering  and or Organisational Psychology / Social Psychology / Gender Studies / Sociology

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