PhD Project: Developing gold nanoparticles based strip test for mycotoxin detection

Technological University Dublin

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  • Dublin
    Technological University Dublin
    Sep 14, 2020

Mycotoxins are poisonous carcinogens and mutagens to both humans and animals produced by fungi. This project aims to develop a immunochemgraph strip (ICST) of mycotoxins that can detect food contaminants. The assay contains an ICST, a smart phone APP and a data analysis system. The testing strip is observable by naked eyes. After adding some drops of food extraction to the strip test, the users can read the positive/negative results . The quantitative concentration results can also be obtained if the user upload the photograph of test lines using the smart phone APP, where the colours of the test lines will be analysed and converted into concentrations. The PhD candidate has to start in November 2020. The candidate has opportunities to attend international three conferences and meeting industry leaders to explore possible commercial applications with benefit to human health and the environment during four years period.