PhD Project: Development of a Lean Digital Construction (BIM) innovation framework for Irish Construction SMEs

Technological University Dublin

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  • Dublin
    Technological University Dublin
    Oct 7, 2020

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) account for 99.7% of the Irish Construction Industry and contribute to 68% of all employment. These organisations now find themselves facing the challenge of returning to productivity post the Covid 19 shutdown. SMEs now more than ever must modernise and adapt their business models to embrace digital innovations such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to enable more productive ways of doing business. However, this has proved difficult due to a lack of finances and resources, culture change, and insufficient levels of communication and information exchange. These barriers are made even more difficult as SMEs are prone to low product quality, budget overruns, and substantial construction waste. BIM, when partnered with lean construction, can address these issues, as the two processes can target and eliminate waste reduction while streamlining the value stream. Despite the established synergies between both, there is a lack of understanding of how either independently can assist the SME market. This research aims to further this knowledge field by establishing an essential supporting structure to introduce digital construction (BIM) and lean processes into SMEs. The proposed innovation framework will address the key pillars of innovation required for SMEs through the partnering of BIM and lean methodologies.