PhD Project: Masculinities and Affective Equality Practices in Professional Social Care in Ireland

Technological University Dublin

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  • Dublin
    Technological University Dublin
    Sep 29, 2020

The purpose of the project is to provide a critical analysis of masculinities and affective inequality (unequal access to the benefits and burdens of caring) within the context of professional social care in Ireland. It will address major international debates about the role of men in caring work and equality. It aims to explain how the emotional labour of social care workers is affected by gendered expectations and practices. A plural qualitative design is employed to achieve this aim based on four objectives:

  • Discursive analysis of National/European care equality policies
  • Discursive analysis of Irish social care regulatory governance policies on emotional care and gender
  • Narrative analysis of in-depth qualitative interviews with social care workers
  • Discursive analysis of focus groups with social care workers


The research will explain why men undertake professional caring and how they engage their emotions in care work, not only addressing how they perceive and perform emotional care, but also how their practices are negotiated with colleagues. The research will theorise the role of caring masculinities in gender equality and professional practice and develop the University’s capacity for European care research.