TCR Senior Research Technician

University of Pittsburgh

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  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    University of Pittsburgh
    Jul 13, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Immunology is currently seeking a qualified TCR Senior Research Technician.

The mission of the Department of Immunology is to discover new mechanisms and pathways of the immune system to enrich human health by combating and preventing disease, enhancing vaccination, and controlling autoimmunity. The department has a mission of training students, postdoctoral fellows, physicians and other young scientists to be proficient in immunology.

The goal of this position is to develop adoptive T cell immunotherapies for use in transplantation and in the treatment of cancer. The appropriate candidate will clone and characterize T cell receptors from human minor histocompatibility antigen (miHA)-reactive CD8+ T cells. The candidate will take a variety of approaches to generate these T cells and will use a novel method to clone, re-express and characterize the receptors. Master’s degree in fields relevant to cellular immunology.

Specific skills and knowledge that are essential for the position:
1) Knowledge of immunology and relevant techniques
2) Experience in molecular cloning
3) Tissue culture
4) Understanding of modern genomics techniques

Education can be substituted for years of experience and vice-versa.

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